Full Collection: Ziad Nakad Couture Spring Summer 2017

Is there in nature something that evokes as much beauty as the sublime dance between butterflies and flowers? With a glimpse at ZIAD NAKAD Couture Spring Summer 2017 we know the answer is ‘no’.

ZIAD NAKAD Couture Spring Summer 2017
“Butterflies of Paradise” Collection

Silhouettes as bouquets born in the light of summer were given both a traditional and contemporary treatment in order to create a statement of delicacy; textures and structures create ‘risques’ in design and deliberately flow into dynamic compositions. Colors blossoming from nature, as our color forecast predicted for the season, embrace the royal confections in a meticulous range of pastel shades: salmon pink, sky blue, shiny gray and honey are the key protagonists in the palette.

Speaking of accessories, belts are the chosen match with
 jewelry or bronze in shapes of butterflies embroidered with Swarovski stones, while handbags complemented the cuts of its leading dress. The vision of elegance in Ziad Nakad is still intact, gracing the runway with a signature bridal grown in a voluminous spectre of appliqué with embossed butterflies.

Discover the full collection in our selected gallery, courtesy of the brand, which presented the gorgeous assortment of confections at the Westin Hotel in Paris.