Zac Posen designs new uniforms for Delta Air Lines

Zac Posen had a major collection reveal in Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday that will take his designs into flight... literally.

Zac Posen, the fashion designer known for ruling the red carpet and the runways of New York and Paris, premiered a collection of brand new uniforms exclusively for Delta Air Lines.

The collection of uniforms is comprised of four dozen looks for an estimated 60,000 Delta employees working from the ground as ticket and gate agents, the Sky Club to the air as flight attendants.


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With the variety presented in this collection, employees will have the opportunity to mix and match with different pieces in their wardrobe with pieces such as skirts, jackets, blazers, pants and dresses.

Several changes have been made to the uniforms that stray away from the original colors and designs. The standard “Delta Blue” has been switched to a plum purple with with red detailing, a change that Posen said was essential to making these work ensembles more than just ordinary.

“These are people who have multiple tasks to do in their jobs. It takes great mental and physical concentration to do those tasks, and to be poised at the same time.”

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Along with the change of color, Posen created a uniform that has a modest fit for both men and women. Men have sleek cut blazers while women blazers have a flare tail which extenuates curves and gives a more feminine feel.

“I do everything in a suit and a tie, from going to the office to walking my dog,” Mr. Posen said. “How you dress helps heighten your performance.”

The very first Delta uniforms were created in 1959 by chief designer of Paramount Studios, Edith Head. He was succeed by Richard Tyler who hold the current designs and has now been replaced by Mr. Posen.

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