Yves Saint Laurent Foundation To Open 2 New Museums

Yves Saint Laurent To Open Two Museums

Designer museum-mania it’s happening. Two museums dedicated to the sensual designs of Yves Saint Laurent will open in international locations.

Right after we celebrate the announcement of a Paris Fashion Museum under the name of “Gabrielle Chanel” to Open in 2019. The Yves Saint Laurent foundation confirmed on Tuesday the opening of two museums dedicated to the work and the life of the fashion legend. Marrakesh, Morocco will be home to the larger one, since it always served as a retreat to the design genius and played a role as his adopted city where he chose to spend time with his partner and business associate Pierre Berge — calculations hope to attract 700,000 visitors per year.
The foundation stated that “both museums are aimed at the general public as well as fashion lovers. Yves Saint Laurent was a major artist of the 20th century,” the one in Marrakesh will be near the historic garden mansion shared by the couple, being the second exhibit location of the organization after the one opened in 2011 by Berge himself, three years after his partner passed away, a museum that presents the Moroccan Berber art collection that they both amassed. The new one, however, will hold a collection of the Algerian-born designer only and highlights of what he created during a 40-year span in fashion design.
The Marrakesh and Paris new museums will open in October, the first being a uniquely built in remember of the designer; and the second, a site housed inside the official headquarters of the foundation in the French capital.

Let’s count the days and prepare by watching a past photo exhibit of the late designer: