You’re a true ‘Gilmore Girls’ fan if you…

Remember Rory's Quentin Tarantino party costume!

Lorelei and Rory dressed to the nines on Gilmore Girls.
Courtesy of Wochit Entertainment
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Sorely missed by fans, Gilmore Girls cultivated a chorus of small town characters that chimed in at every whim. Whether the divide was between Rory’s love interests or the ensemble supporting Rory at her graduation, the show pulled at your heartstrings.

However, as with any small town, it’s filled with quirks that defined its characters. From the dance-a-thon to the throwback dances, the show was never an episode without costumes.

Even when the show would pan across Stars Hollow to Miss Patty’s dance recital, it was a line of little girls in tutus and performance pieces.

The much anticipated show returns on Nov. 25, the day after Thanksgiving, and we couldn’t be more thankful of a show returning.

After all, you’re a true Gilmore Girls fan if you admire how much effort they put into their wardrobe for a WB show.

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