Which Pretty Little Liars character has your style?

Pssst...style secrets right this way -A

Never mind the news of Jon Snow resurrecting. We know five gals who will rule the summer with the season 7 premiere of Pretty Little Liars on June 21.

Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer basically have nine lives trying to escape the clutches of “A,” and we’re frankly surprised they still have it together to look stylish.

Last season fast forwarded the ladies to the real world, where “A” is still after them. And despite some of them losing their cool (checking in, Ali?), we’re glad those orange jumpsuits and candy striper outfits are behind them.

Looking ahead, we’ve extracted key pieces that are very true to the characters. From Spencer’s tailored wardrobe in politics to Alison’s school-teacher chic outfits, the Liars aren’t so little anymore as their styles have evolved into styles we can copy.

Here we delve into 5 totally distinct wardrobes that will have you wondering if “A” could just be after them for their style secrets.



Ali’s known for her flowy dresses and very girly florals from the past, and the ball of sunshine isn’t different as she’s a school teacher. In addition to florals, she’s wearing plenty of blazers to look the part in front of the classroom. Copy Ali’s style by mixing prints, like navy blue stripes with blue florals. Very classic!



Aria transitioned from the student with the eclectic style to the writer with still her quirks integrated in her wardrobe. Take her boxy print top, for instance, it’s very model off-duty, while her outfit transitioning from work is very on trend with that chunky statement necklace.



Emily was known as Sporty Spice of the group, but her casual style has remained consistent with a twist. Although comfort is still key, note the olive dress with criss-cross detailing and that to-die-for suede billowy romper!



Hanna was always the most daringly fashionable one in high school to the point where you would question how a high school kid could afford this stuff (stole it), but Hanna, the designer, has grown into her own with investment pieces. We love Hanna’s white lace top! And of course Hanna would wear spiked Christian Louboutins around the house.



High School Spencer gravitated towards equestrianesque looks, while 2016 Spencer graduated to Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dresses. We especially loved seeing her helping her mom during the campaign trail in so many print dresses. Side note: Spencer really owns those Jane Birkin bangs.

What was your favorite past Pretty Little Liars look? Which character’s style do you like the most? Which character would you swap wardrobes with for a day?