What’s the deal with Biossance’s Squalane + Eye Gel?

What is this eye cream made of?

Squalane, skincare’s buzziest ingredient, might just be the answer in depuffing, brightening and firming your under eye area.

Biossance’s Squalane + Eye Gel ($54) isn’t the newest product at Sephora, but the hype surrounding the eye cream is real. It’s never in stock!

In March, fashion blogger, Aimee Song, mentioned squalane in the product as part of her secret weapon in her regimen, but what is it exactly?

While real squalane is derived from shark liver, PETA can hold its horses before attacking, as Biossance uses plant-derived squalane to fight those dark circles.

In addition to preventing age spots, the ingredient is touted to protect skin from the UV rays.

“We launched in March and have sold out four times since,” Caroline Hadfield tells Allure. “We had four units left in our own Biossance.com stock on Thursday.”

The senior vice president of Biossance’s parent company, Amyris, adds, “People are always looking for an eye gel. And this one is weightless and it actually performs.”

Although Biossance’s eye gel is receiving all the accolades, we would like to point out that the brand incorporates squalane in its whole skincare line, so if eye gel isn’t your cup of tea, the rest of the line is getting rave reviews from its customers.

Shop the line at Sephora or at Biossance.com.