Watch for Baby Dove to launch stateside

What's the definition of #RealMoms?

Although Dove launched its baby products two years ago internationally, the soap brand has only started rolling out its baby category stateside this week.

The Unilever-owned brand will have baby shampoo, wipes, lotions, soaps and washes. The baby items will have two ranges that include rich moisture and sensitive moisture.

The washes will run for $2.49, while the lotions and washes will go for $5.99.

“It’s a real opportunity to bring what Dove has important strengths in for over 60 years — providing mildness and moisture for skin and hair,” stated Nick Soukas, Dove’s vice president of marketing. “We feel like Baby Dove is going to bring something very different in terms of superior care to baby skin. Dove will only enter new categories when we have a clearly unique offering. We spent years studying unique aspects of baby skin.”

For the first time, Dove is distributing with Babies ‘R’ Us, in addition to its usual retailers, like Amazon.

“E-commerce is a really important part of the baby market. It’s going to be significantly overdeveloped versus the rest of the business. It’s an important channel we’re focusing on,” Soukas noted.

For the baby products, Dove has formed the #RealMoms campaign to debunk the “perfect parent” myth. According to Dove’s statistics, 90 percent of mothers feel the pressure to be perfect in their parenting.

In the campaign video, it features a single mom, working moms and co-parenting moms.

“There are so many ways to be a mom,” one of the mothers says in the video.