Wantable Makeup subscription unboxing review


Wantable is a monthly subscription box service with several options such as makeup, accessories or intimates. Every month you receive 3 – 5 items for the option you chose along with a happiness guarantee. If you like everything, keep it. If not, returns are free.

The items are chosen specifically for you by a stylist through a questionnaire. Makeup and Accessory boxes are $40 the first month, but just $36 a month afterwards because of your monthly “keep all” credit. Intimates are $10 more per cycle.

For the purposes of this review, I tried the makeup box to see how well they match their products to their customers.

You’ll see above this article that the products come in an attractive box. The inside was filled with foam padding to keep the makeup safe and whole.


Here’s everything I received in the box. As you can see there is a lipstick, eyeliner, loose face powder, a nail polish, and a nail top coat. There were five items in all that mostly matched what I asked for.


The Liptini lipstick in plum wine was a beautiful berry color that really looked nice on my pale complexion. Not too pink, not too dark, they did a really good job matching this color to my needs. It went on smoothly, but not being an all-day lipstick, needed to be reapplied after eating. That’s normal for lipstick though. The Ultra Precision eyeliner in black glided easily over my lids. It was waterproof and really lived up to its name. Allergy season makes my eyes wet, but this liner stayed on.


The mineral foundation in Fair was super soft. It made my face feel velvety and had good coverage. It was the perfect color for my pale skin as well.


So, here’s the only product I didn’t like, but only due to color, not quality. I’m not a fan of coral. The choices you have for nail polish colors in the questionnaire are traditional or trendy. I tend to wear offbeat, trendy colors rather than traditional reds and pinks, so that’s what I chose. Unfortunately, there was no deeper question on specific color likes and dislikes. This surprised me because they had such questions for lipstick. Anyway, I tried the Spellbound Nail Lacquer in Jinx so I could sample the quality for my story. It dries fairly quickly and only takes two coats for full coverage which is nice. It’s also vegan, cruelty-free and chip-resistant. If I liked the color, I would love the polish. I’ll be passing it along to my best friend’s teenage daughter instead.

I didn’t get around to trying the topcoat. I haven’t done a home manicure since I got the box, but if the quality is as good as its colored counterpart, I’m sure I’ll love it.

So, I loved 4 out of 5 products. One was only off because of its hue, not its quality, so I’d say this subscription is a success. Also, I noticed that there’s a box after the questionnaire where you can send a message directly to your personal stylist. I made a note there about my nail color preferences, so I’m hoping this will be fixed in the future. This was a fun box with full sized items. It’s an easy way to restock your makeup supply with superior items every month and the price is comparable to buying drug store cosmetics. I believe it is absolutely worth paying for.

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