Walking through ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Kat Graham’s boldest outfits

Kat worked the red carpet in her pantsuits.

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Kat Graham, who turns 27 on Monday, Sept. 5, has been Bonnie Bennett for seven seasons on The Vampire Diaries, but both could not be further apart in style.

Heading into the eighth season of The Vampire Diaries, we thought we would look back on the actress, who gave us some of the most eye-catching looks on the red carpet.

Kat took risks on her outfits that Bonnie would have never done. From bold color choices to unconventional prints, the actress turned singer wore her confidence on her sleeve.

Whether she came out to represent the CW show or to support a charity close to her heart, Kat delivered outfit after outfit.

Never boring, Kat’s outfits served as inspiration for the rest of us, who never would have paired red booties with a little black dress.

Here are 10 of Kat’s boldest outfits, from her rookie witchy days to her moments as a veteran red carpet stunner.

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