Vogue China editorial explores the variety of puffer coats

Model Natalie Westling sports puffer coats nodding to 90s hip-hop culture, as well as well-to-do women.

Model Natalie Westling wears the latest puffer coat styles in the September 2016 issue of Vogue China, photographed by Roe Ethridge.

In the editorial titled “XXXL,” fashion editor/stylist Jacob K creates experimental shapes with the puffer jackets that that start innocent and end refined. A rose red puffer coat hangs back showing angular décolletage, but the roomy coat swallows her making her look like a kid. The concluding all black look consists of a puffer jacket stretching across her body asymmetrically. She wears what the artistic director of a ballet company would wear. She looks very refined.

The styling, hair and makeup all reference the 90s. The big puffer coats worn with midriff-baring crop tops resemble the late R&B singer Aaliyah and the R&B group TLC. A mark of eye black—grease that athletes apply under the eyes to reduce sun glare—is applied under one eye like the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes from the group TLC. Natalie Westling’s wavy red hair makes her look like she’s ready to stop a wedding like the red-haired Julia Roberts in the film My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997). Also, Westling’s red hair blows upwards like Sigourney Weaver’s in Ghostbusters (1984) as she wears a hot pink PVC coat with the silhouette of a boxy dress.

At times Natalie Westling appears like a hip-hop-loving teenager ready to attend a house party. One memorable example of this is when Westling wears one pant leg up that many rappers used to wear in the 90s. Construction boots emphasize the 90s hip-hop influence. Think of the Timberlands so many people used to wear in the 90s, except these are in crisp white.

Who knew that puffer coats could be so varied? Nostalgia feels so good.