Victoria’s Secret models Josephine Skriver and Jasmine Tookes launch JoJa

Will you be part of the #JoJaLife?

We bet you’ve seen #trainlikeanangel one too many times with Victoria’s Secret models promoting their sportswear. But get ready to feel the real burn! Resident Angels Josephine Skriver, 23, and Jasmine Tookes, 25 will teach you how to plank right in your living room.

Jo, one of the newest VS Angels, and Jasmine teamed up to form JoJa, a fitness Instagram launched 5 weeks ago, to serve up major inspiration for working out.

Jo told StyleCaster that the workout partnership came organically for her and Jasmine. The models both work out at the same New York gym and have a similar workout method.

Since the launch, the account has already garnered over 25 thousand followers, and it’s not stopping there.

In the #JoJaLife, Jo and Jasmine holding each other accountable as workout buddies and in other areas.

“We each have our strengths and weaknesses,” said Jo. “Jasmine is incredibly strong on her upper body so it’s always a fun challenge for me to try and keep up with her.”

Jasmine told Vogue, “The best part of working out with a friend is that they push you to your limit! If she does 15 push-ups, then I have to do 16!”

Although both Angels love eating healthy, they indulge once in awhile.

“We keep each other balanced, though, and check each other if we’ve had one too many cookies,” jokes Jo.

Even though the models have no major plans at the moment for their partnership, they’re just hoping that the account is useful and fun for their followers.

However, that doesn’t mean their’s no potential. “Hopefully in the future we can make JoJa a fitness brand and have our own products,” said Jasmine.

While Jo hates burpees, she says that she and Jasmine enjoy working their booty using lengthening movements and weighted squats.

Work out with Jo and Jasmine and hashtag with #JoJaLife.