Versus Versace SS17 top 10 looks

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The Versus Versace SS17 show incorporated the skater skirt into its biker aesthetic, as well an exuberant color.

An unexpected force of feminine silhouette and bold color punched its way through the heavy military and biker influences at the Versus Versace SS17 ready-to-wear show held in London, England.

Donatella and her team used the skater skirt to encourage women to be free and easy. The skater skirt paired with biker vests, biker jackets and crop tops, as well as part of cutout dresses and puffer coats. That silhouette once reserved for female figure skaters and cheerleaders became a badass statement.

The mustard color that blazed like the sun made me think of April O’Neil’s mustard yellow jumpsuit. (She’s the reporter from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and I used to have her action figure). What a perfect color for spring.

The color wasn’t the only thing that surprised, but so did Jacob K’s styling and design team’s inspirations. Some of the model’s long tresses were pulled tight under leather-studded chokers, while the men wore thin chokers. The aviator sunglasses on neck straps gave a modern, pop look to the outfits. References to ’90s hip-hop and Janet Jackson also showed up in the clothing.

The best looks from the Versus Versace collection included the most durable and memorable looks. Take a look at our top 10 best looks from the collection.

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