Vanessa Hudgens joins Kohl’s in giving back to students

Kids received free Nikes with Vanessa's help.

South Central Los Angeles students received a surprise when they returned back to school on Wednesday, August 17 to see Vanessa Hudgens at their gym.

Not only did the High School Musical turned Broadway star show up at The Accelerated School, she also handed out free Nikes.

As students chose their pairs of Nikes, Vanessa, with the help of Kohl’s and Adopt a Classroom, gave out $600 gift cards to teachers.

Before her talk, Vanessa couldn’t contain herself. “It’s so exciting,” she told InStyle. “I feel like I get to be the fairy godmother. I get to fly in and magically all these sneakers appear thanks to Kohl’s—all these Nike sneakers that I get to give to about 2,000 students at the school.”

The 27-year-old actress gave advice to the 1,800 students at the charter school about what she wished she had known when she was younger.

“I wish that I was more patient in school. I think that when you’re learning something in school it’s frustrating and it’s challenging and it’s easy to give up.” Vanessa continued, “But if you are patient and stick it through and put in the work, you’ll end up so much better than you began.”

When she showed up in a polka dot top, leggings and black and white Nikes, the actress practiced what she preached with some style wisdom.

“If you think something is cool, then rock it, own it and don’t let other people’s opinions derail you from how you want to express yourself,” she suggested.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, 10-year-old Andrea Gonzalez had no idea Vanessa Hudgens would be a guest at her school. “We had no clue,” Gonzalez said, as she chose a pair of pink and blue Nikes.

Lastly, Hudgens said, “It’s important to write down your goals and dreams. You can be anything, whatever you want to be, a doctor or go to the moon.”