Is turmeric the new coconut oil?

Look for this ingredient in future skincare products!

Tried turmeric yet?
Courtesy of Jess Bunty

This beauty trend might not be all over the beauty counters at Sephora yet, but we’re foreseeing that turmeric will be the miracle ingredient in every girl’s arsenal of products.

The little spice that could, turmeric is most commonly used in Indian cultures, especially at weddings. According to Marie Claire, brides would mix the spice into a paste and apply it all over their bodies for that enviable glow.

With anti-inflammatory properties, like curcumen, turmeric helps with acne-prone skin, but the anti-oxidant component delivers that natural glow.

The root, which originated from India, also fights off signs of aging.

Rachel Nazarian M.D. spoke on behalf of Schweiger Dermatology Group, “Studies have also shown that ingestion of turmeric helps protect against the aging effects of sun-damage UV radiation and the formation of wrinkles and dark spots.”

One can ingest turmeric in the form of teas, one of which is Rishi’s Turmeric Ginger tea ($7.50). The popular brand has reviewers raving for its benefits, like soothing stomachaches.

If drinking turmeric isn’t your cup of tea, we suggest trying a mask, like this one from Origins ($38). The mask not only helps with reducing redness, it also helps with dry skin.

This Peter Thomas Roth cleansing butter contains turmeric.
Courtesy of Sephora

For those with dull dry skin during the winter, Peter Thomas Roth’s cleansing butter ($55) could save your skin woes. The kasturi turmeric in the luxurious cleanser will definitely polish your skin for that flake-free complexion.

If you thought turmeric could only offer glowy results, the extended benefits include soothing sore muscles. Take Tata Harper’s Soothing Muscle Gel ($42) for instance. The cooling gel helps with those post-workouts when a hot shower isn’t enough.

Into making your own turmeric mask? We suggest this recipe found on

  • 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder
  • 1/2 lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon of honey

After mixing the ingredients, apply an even layer for 20 minutes before washing off with warm water. Pat dry.

Let us know below if you have used turmeric as part of your skincare regimen!

Note: We are by no means specialists. For more information, please consult a dermatologist.