Topshop launches first sustainable fashion line using recycled fabrics, Topshop Reclaim


Topshop has launched their first sustainable fashion line, called Topshop Reclaim.

The retailer giant used leftover jersey, cotton and denim fabrics from their stock to create 20 new designs for shoppers to choose from, in an effort to be both stylish and more eco-friendly. The prices for the items range anywhere from £12 to £65 ($18 to $100).

Trish Clarke, Head of Technical Services at Topshop, has confirmed the new line, saying, “We are inspired to challenge textile waste across our product areas, whilst still creating versatile designs that are wardrobe essentials for our customers,” Stylist reports.

Topshop Reclaim became available on July 16 in stores and online. It follows three successful collaborations between Topshop and Reclaim to Wear, which was started by the green label From Somewhere.