Top 8 jackets from Juun.J FW16

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Jackets ruled at Juun.J FW16 Menswear focusing on masculine, oversized silhouettes.

The jacket was the star of the show at the Juun.J FW16 Menswear show in Milan in January 2016, especially the bomber jacket.

The Korean designer Juun.J started his show with a butter-colored bomber jacket featuring the words “Gender” and “Bound” pressed into its leather. The bomber jacket’s extremely wide shoulders expressed hyper masculinity just like men did during the Renaissance when they wore clothing to widen their silhouettes.

The silhouettes and details of the jackets resembled superheroes, architecture and football players. A black bomber jacket with wing-like cap sleeves and pressed details looked like something out of Batman’s closet. The sloping shoulders of a blazer brought to mind the roof of a house. The shoulders of many of the jackets took a page out of the football player’s playbook with the wide shoulders, but not in a 80s way. Instead, the shoulders imitated the actual shoulder pads that football players wore.

Other intriguing details of the collection included gender subversion. Some of the bomber jackets were fastened at the collar similar to how a well-bred woman would wear their cardigans and sweaters. Arm-length gloves that supplied the superhero connotations also looked like the opera gloves that same well-bred women would wear to the ballet or the opera.

Juun.J conveyed that men should invest in big-boned bomber jackets because they’re light jackets with a heavy impact. Check out our top 8 best jackets from Juun.J FW16.

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