Top 5 bath accessories: unwind with bubbles, oils and soaks

Relax as you enjoy an aromatic bath!

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In this summer heat, relaxing in an outdoor pool may seem like the best choice, but sometimes all that chlorine and sun can take its toll. This is why we suggest relaxing with a bath. Whether you’re a bubbles type of girl or a fizzy kind of bath soaker, there are so many different bath accessories you can use to wind down.

If you have a big family, you know it’s hard to even pencil in some time in the bathroom, let alone taking a bath. Yet, we forget how important it is to take some time for ourselves and relax.

Grab a book, listen to that new album or just rest your eyes for half an hour with these bubble baths, bath oils or bath soaks.

Will your problems disappear with the fizz? No, but clearing your mind from the noise will definitely get you to move forward in a more productive fashion.

Here are some bath accessories to pamper yourself without booking a date at a spa!

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