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The Joseph FW16 Menswear collection mixed dressy and casual to create new Ivy League looks.

LONDON, ENGLAND—The Joseph FW16 presentation united formalwear and athletic wear during London Fashion Week in January 2016, resulting in fresh styling options for the colder months.

The show was actually a look book that featured model Xavier Buestel wearing clothing fit for an Ivy League man. His slicked-back hair and air of superiority resembled Christian Bale’s portrayal of Patrick Bateman in the film American Psycho (2000).

Joseph’s head of menswear Mark Thomas confirmed the rich boy aspect of the collection to in January 2016. He said the collection had “an aristocratic character borrowing heirlooms—kind of heritage, in a way.”

Cardigans replaced traditional dress shirts with cardigans, worn tucked and un-tucked. The wide-leg, flared pants nodded to 1970s fashion and looked ready for the real world.

Overcoats and blazers elevated the casual staples of cardigans, sweats and polo shirts. Knuckle-covering sleeves on cardigans and sweaters gave the collection a bad boy tone, like a hand wrapped in a bandage from a fistfight.

The Joseph FW16 collection was not outrageous or envelope pushing, but it offered enough to get my attention and teach men how to dress in new ways.

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