Top 10 ways to include glitter in your beauty look

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It’s no surprise most women have been obsessed with glitter ever since they were little girls.

It’s sparkly, shiny and eye-catching. Glitter adds an element of fun to any look. Done the right way, it’s totally acceptable for adults to rock glitter.

Any basic beauty look can be jazzed up by adding glitter to it. Don’t think that glitter is only acceptable on New Year’s Eve. Including some sparkle for any special occasion can really make you stand out in a crowd!

From your eye makeup, to your nails and even your lips, glitter can be incorporated. Aside from the basics like glitter eyeshadow, people are starting to put glitter in their hair too!

The key to pulling off glitter is to not go overboard. Pick one aspect of your makeup to add glitter to and keep the rest subtle.

Be bold and a little adventurous and try out one of these glitter beauty looks for your next party.

These are 10 fun ways to wear glitter!

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