Top 10 wardrobe staples for your summer honeymoon

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Whether you’re jetting off to somewhere local for your honeymoon or somewhere filled with adventure, sometimes we learn too late what we needed on the trip. SPF 50, anyone?

For the honeymooners vacationing this summer, lugging a lot can be a pain. Don’t waste your time bringing a pair of hiking boots if you’re going to somewhere tropical. Can’t fit your primer and BB cream in the suitcase? Find a product that does double duty. Even if you don’t leave the pool area, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer with tan lines because of that strappy bikini – go strapless or go home. And narrow down the accessories unless they are sentimental or practical. No one will be happy if Grandma’s heirloom earrings go missing.

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Along with a sturdy suitcase or carry-on, what else should you bring to your destination? Take a look at the top ten pieces you might be forgetting to buy before you head off to vacation.

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