Top 10 ultimate Pokémon pieces to wear on an adventure

Are you on Team Rocket or Team Ketchum?

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By now you’ve heard about the Pokémon GO app. If you haven’t, chances are you’re living under a Geodude (a rock-type Pokémon, for the unaware). In four days, the app has sent users across the world just to nab that super rare Pokémon.

Whether you’re looking for Pokémon at the crack of dawn or walking your dog, we’ve got the 10 pieces to keep you crazy cozy. As a trainer, you have to look the part.

From making PokeStops to heading to the gym (not LA Fitness, silly), people are sure to notice you walking around with Pokémon music playing from your phone. So why act like a creeper when you can wear a Pokémon trainer jacket to show people you’re not just circumventing a Church because you got lost at the drive-thru?

Plus, when you’re ready to throw down against other trainers, you’ll win that gym in style!

Here are just 10 chic items that will make you catch ’em all.

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