Top 10 times Shay Mitchell is #goals on practically everything

And you thought you had your selfies down.

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The gorgeous Shay Mitchell turns 29 on Sunday, Apr. 10, and we have to say, the model turned actress, looks like she’s living the life.

Whether she’s with her Pretty Little Liars co-stars or traveling around the world to give us a sneak peak of her adventures for her YouTube channel, it’s evident that Shay is #hairgoals, #shoegoals, and everything you can think of (no really).

In celebration of her birthday, we browsed through her Instagram to make sure we’re extra jealous of her today, because who else can pose with a slice of pizza and still look sultry?

Victory spins in the pool for 11m !!! ???????????? – ???? by @hudsonhawaii @serenahawaii

A photo posted by Shay Mitchell (@shaym) on

Unlike her character on PLL, Shay does not resemble Emily Fields one bit in style. In personality, however, both possess a strength we can’t say we have acquired by that age.

As an inspirational reminder, why don’t we take a page from the Shay book and hashtag our way through every obstacle? Shall we?

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