Top 10 prom dresses for 2015

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Credit: O'Neill/White/
Credit: O’Neill/White/

Prom, a night of dancing and friendship, is a moment that many high school students look forward to with either great anticipation or great dread. With April beginning and May approaching, that important evening is swiftly drawing near. Girls and guys are hurriedly trying to find a date, the right outfit, and a place to eat in order to have a fun evening.

Having the right dress is a major concern for many girls. Everyone wants to look unique but not odd, beautiful but not overly extravagant, and classy but not old-fashioned. Balancing all of these unspoken standards, as well as many more, is a difficult task.

Plus, the price of a dress is usually high. In 2013, USA Today reported that an estimated $1,139 would be spent in anticipation of prom. A great deal of that money goes toward buying the right gown. PROMGIRL advises girls that dresses can be found in a variety of prices, but most range from $100 to $400.

Even with the cost and pressure of buying a prom dress, the process of looking can (and should!) be fun. A girl is given a chance to celebrate her own style and discover who she is as a woman. Here are 10 dresses that might be hits at prom this year.

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