Top 10 Marc Jacobs looks from the fall/winter runway

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Marc Jacobs closed out New York Fashion Week on Feb. 18 with a collection sure to inspire many! He took risks, he shocked the audience and he rocked the runway.

“I mean, it’s just fashion,” Jacobs said during a preview, according to Women’s Wear Daily.

Park Avenue Armory, New York City was transformed into a circular crisp white room. The models walked in a circle with audience members in stadium seating.

In typical Jacobs form, the fashion was daring and unique. The collection was dark but had hints of softer colors throughout. Fur, silks and other fabrics were utilized to make stunning layered designs. Dresses and jackets were decorated with feathers and other embellishments.

The spectacular designs were accompanied by accessories and makeup that completed the looks. Models marched about in ski-high platform shoes. Hair was done up with ‘20s finger waves. The makeup was intense and gothic. They had on black lipstick and black eye makeup that was smudged to create an eerie look.

To add a tiny bit of explanation, Jacobs included a note in his program which referenced Keiji Haino, a Japanese musician, that said, “the haunted spaces between the notes,” according to the Associated Press.

To top it all off, Lady Gaga made her New York Fashion Week runway debut during the show.

These are the top 10 looks from the closing Marc Jacobs show of New York Fashion Week.

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