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The Versace Resort 2017 collection is as sweet as Dunkin’ Donuts as savory as McDonald’s thanks to fresh shapes and color.

Donatella Versace fills the Versace Resort 2017 collection with desserts, candy, fast food and cowboys. As a result, it’s her most playful collection in a while.

The lookbook features models Roos Abels and Yasmin Wijnaldum in an exciting combination of dresses, blazers and coats that makes you feel like you’re in a candy shop. The color palette includes red, white, blue, black, yellow and fuchsia.

Clearly Donatella wants to make people hungry, judging from the food images that embedded in the clothing. The candy cane stripes decorate skirts and jackets while an ice cream sundae works its way into a sweater. Even McDonald’s finds its way into the clothing.

Like a teenage girl from one of those late ’90s teen movies like 10 Things I Hate About You (1999), the models Roos and Yasmin wear chokers, platform slides, miniskirts and polo shirt collars. Roos Abels’s resemblance to ’90s teen actress Larisa Oleynik emphasizes the theme.

Versace has done western style before, but now it’s married to the late 1990s-early 2000s girl. The yolk and piping of Western shirts are applied to jackets in refreshing hues like fuchsia.

Even though Donatella tries new things, she doesn’t forget her bread and butter. The skyscraper sandals that ruled the Versace SS16 show reappear in the Versace Resort 2017 collection, which means they must have been a bestseller. Also, Grecian drapery serves a welcome dose of elegance while paired with athletic form-fitting tops.

Be prepared to gain an appetite for candy and a burger and fries after looking at the Versace Resort 2017 collection. It’s one of the most appetizing collections I’ve seen. Check out our top 10 looks from the Versace Resort 2017 collection.

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