Top 10 Libertine looks from New York Fashion Week runway

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Libertine marched to the beat of their own drum and broke all the rules in their fall 2016 collection for New York Fashion Week.

The show which took place on Feb. 15 in The Gallery, Skylight at Clarkson Sq., New York threw out all the conventional rules of fashion. The Los Angeles based brand featured effortlessly cool punk style with their signature DIY feel.

Bright colors, crazy patterns and loads of embellishments overtook the runway. Jonhson Hartig, founder and designer of Libertine, created gorgeous capes, beautifully tailored peacoats and matching sets, putting a twist on the classic winter staples.

Hartig described the brand’s Hollywood studio saying, “It really is the ultimate little craft club,” while showing the LA Times around.

To compliment the unique designs, models were done up with crazy runway makeup and wild bedazzled nails. The entire show had an out-of-this-world quality about it.

Which was exactly Hartig’s intentions. Backstage he recalled a recurring dream he had been having about climbing the world’s highest mountain, Everest. “Before I even get to the base camp, I meet this mystic. I always wake up at the exact same point in the dream, but it’s just the most out-of-this-world experience,” according to Vogue.

The top 10 looks from the runway show are here!

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