Top 10 fresh wedding ideas inspired by the movie ‘Up’

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In another installment of wedding themes, we visit the tearjerker animated movie, Up.

Focused on the elderly man, Carl Fredriksen, who lost the love of his life, the film traces an adventure so beloved it spawned everyone to pin fan art of the love they hope to emulate someday.

If you have found the Carl to your Ellie or vice versa and you’re getting hitched soon, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

From the larger than life balloons lifting the house away (so symbolic!) to the cutesy adventure scrapbook that embodied the beauty of Carl and Ellie’s matrimony, look on for 10 ideas you can use for your wedding.

Take it from someone who just attended her cousin’s Up-inspired wedding. It’s hard not to gush over the decor and Instagram just about everything.

However, keep in mind that every couple’s taste is different, so go subtle or go extravagant. It’s your day.

Image Credit: Screenshot from YouTube.

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