Top 10 designers of the 2016 awards season

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The 2016 awards season is in full swing. With the People’s Choice Awards, Golden Globes, Grammys and Academy Awards over, there has already been some amazing red carpet style!

Although every celebrity has their individual favorites and go-to designers, a few designers seem to be liked by the masses. Just in four awards shows there is some serious favoritism going on.

Celebrities go to the designers they trust to dress them in custom pieces, so it’s no surprise that a few designers are asked to make gowns for every awards show.

Tom Ford said, “It’s about dressing the right person in the right dress to create a truly memorable moment,” on Hollywood Reporter.

Lots of talent and creativity is needed to produce show stopping ensembles. Creating the gowns that get A-listers featured on best dressed lists is no small job. No star wants to see their name end up on the worst dressed list the day after an awards ceremony.

Read on to see the best designers of the 2016 awards season so far.

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