Ten best eyebrows in Hollywood

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Bold, daring eyebrows have become typical of edgy Hollywood style and new makeup trends. Brows tend to be overlooked and ignored, but they are necessary to create soft, natural looks as well as dark, dramatic ones.

Helping to frame the eyes and give structure to one’s face, eyebrows are very important in the beauty realm and makeup industry. This is why eye makeup commercials feature well-shaped and typically vivid eyebrows to emphasize a model’s eyeshadow and contouring.

However, some celebrities are blessed with naturally stunning brows to frame their faces. Some stars are known for their thick, mysterious eyebrows such as Adele, while others rock a fair and simple quality to their brows, such as Carey Mulligan.

Interestingly, many celebrities have become known for their trademark eyebrows, such the spunky Cara Delevigne. In no particular order, let’s take a look at ten starlets with the most envy-worthy brows in the business:

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