AMI Clubwear swimsuits for summer

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Summer is officially here, which means HELLO beaches, sunnies and swimsuits. While we all want to stand out from the crowd in a striking suit, many of us are not willing to spend hundreds of dollars on an item we only use for a quarter of the year.

Just because we’re balling on a budget, doesn’t mean that we have to walk around looking #basic all summer long. (That would be a long three months!) teamed up with AMI Clubwear to show you suits that will draw all eyes on you as soon as you step onto the sand.

The best part: They’re all under $45, and if you catch their sale you may even be able to snag them for under $21!

Watch the video above and click through to see some of AMI Clubwear’s hottest swimsuits at unbelievable prices.

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