Succulents become new beauty trend

Screenshot via Youtube

Succulents, already one of the easiest plants to care for, are making a name for themselves in beauty.

Succulent Hair

According to Bustle, this new beauty trend that involves dyeing hair using the color combinations found in succulents. This makes for hair that has beautiful combinations of greens, reds, purples and yellows.

The fad is already catching on Instagram.

Succulent Nails

Succulent nails are a nail art endeavor created by Australian artist Roz Borg. The nails are created by gluing actual succulents to an acrylic nail using a plant adhesive, then securing the nail to your fingernail.

“I had been making real succulent jewelry and wanted to use the same application on something I had never seen baby succulents used on before,” Borg said.

Not only is this nail style gorgeous, it is also environmentally friendly. According to The Independent, once the nails start to “chip,” the succulents can be re-potted like any regular plant. *Insert obvious joke about green thumbs here*