Style Diary: Iris West from ‘The Flash’

What style secret is Iris keeping from Barry? :0

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While we’re still reeling from the latest episode of The Flash, we’ve decided to take a look at Iris West’s style ahead of the season finale this Tuesday.

Played by the gorgeous Candice Patton, Iris by far has the best wardrobe. Yet, not everyone can nail that sleek and classic style like the love of Barry Allen’s life.

From digging up dirt as a Central City reporter to being Barry’s inner voice, Iris has to switch gears pretty quickly.

Her wardrobe very much reflects that with unfussy pieces that doesn’t get in the way of working at S.T.A.R. Labs.

Although Iris loves incorporating bold colors in her style, she does it so only that piece shines.

No matter what episode, the oldest style trick she uses most often is cinching her waist. Whether she’s tucking in a tee in her jeans or opting for an A-line dress, the idea is to always accentuate her figure.

Finally, Iris tops off her look with sexy boots, except for date nights with Barry of course. That’s when she opts for heels.

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