Style Diary: Hallie Parker from ‘The Parent Trap’

We're revisiting camp with these classic trends.

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There’s just something so satisfying about watching The Parent Trap, even though by now, we all know Lindsay Lohan plays the slick twins.

At the time, though, I didn’t realize how much differentiation came in Lohan portraying Annie James and Hallie Parker.

From the side bangs to the various camp outfits (I definitely wanted to go camping afterwards!), there were so many stylish moments I wasn’t conscious of when I first saw the film.

While I envied the girls’ braids and yearned for a blue bathing suit, I gravitated towards Hallie’s tom boy aesthetics in general.

Even though the girls switch places, their style technically remains in tact in order to deceive each other’s parents.

From the jean jackets to the hoodies and bomber jackets, we delve into the archives of Hallie Parker, a classic character, who we’ve copied again and again without realizing it.

Check out this Style Diary with a throwback character that will have you reaching for those friendship bracelets and that bottle of blue chrome nail polish pronto.

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