Style Diary: Buffy Summers slayed with these 10 trends!

Nineties trends live on in Buffy Summers.

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While Buffy Summers dreaded high school in Sunnydale, we would tune in on Tuesday nights eagerly anticipating the demon of the week.

Yet, like any teenager, Buffy always wanted to break dress code by equipping herself with Mr. Pointy for protection.

The vampire slayer, furthermore, slayed in the ’90s style that’s resurfacing today. Not only did we expect the body-conscious knits and the biker jackets to return, we still admire getting that perfect updo and achieving that zig-zaggy side part. Not to mention those reddish brown lip shades from earlier seasons!

To really dig into the archive, how many remember the many cool ear piercings Buffy had? Rebellious much? Now, look at all the Instagram starlets with ear piercings!

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From wispy bangs to protective crosses, only the Chosen One could have made a fashionable statement for the practical reason of slaying vampires.

Here is this month’s Style Diary, featuring trends we’re still trying to perfect.

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