Stella McCartney on the lack of sustainability in the fashion industry

From gorgeous gowns to high-end essentials, Stella McCartney is known for focusing on environmentally conscious and sustainable clothing.

According to its website, Stella McCartney is the only vegetarian luxury brand in the world.

The brand is open and clear about the acquisition of their supplies and the manufacture of their clothing. McCartney states that sustainability isn’t simply using organic cotton. Sustainability is “organic cotton, plus wind energy, plus not using PVC, plus thousands of other little steps.” By tracing every step of its production, McCartney strives for a completely green brand.

The luxury brand expresses that eco friendly fabrics and manufacturing techniques can create modern, stunning fashion.

Stella McCartney Speaks Out

Stella herself continues to speak out against the wastefulness of the fashion industry. McCartney has recently been featured in a video for the nonprofit organization Canopy, releasing some staggering statistics about the lack of sustainability in the fashion realm, according to Refinery 29. McCartney explains that “Up to 100 million trees can be cut down solely for the use of fabric” and in ten years, this number will double.

Canopy’s Mission

Canopy is an organization dedicated to the conservation of endangered forests. It works with business executives to transform unsustainable supply chains into environmentally friendly organizations. According to Canopy’s website, it is responsible for making the production of Harry Potter books sustainable all around the globe.

Nicole Rycroft is Canopy’s founder and executive director.  The site explains that the organization is working with designers and their suppliers to seek out more sustainable material sources.

Brands Taking A Stand

Fortunately, many other fashion brands have taken the initiative to work with Canopy. Brands like H&M, Zara/Inditex, Patagonia, Lulu Lemon, Top Shop and Levi Strauss & Co. have taken the first step in making the fashion industry better for our planet.

What Now?

We don’t need to stop with producers. By being thoughtful about the clothing brands we spend our money on, we can support companies that offer sustainable alternatives. Check out Canopy’s website for resources made especially for consumers about brands with environmentally friendly products and practices.