Star Trek and… fashion?

This September marks the 50th anniversary of the first episode ever aired of Star Trek and Trekkies all over the world have been pumped about the Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage 50th Anniversary Tour, which was launched in Florida in January and comes to an end soon.

Star Trek is highly recognized for its influence on science, technology, film,and science-fiction, but its impact on the fashion industry has remained under the radar. From spandex jumpsuits to detailed gadgets and accessories, Star Trek would not be the same without its use of synthetic fibers; in turn, this futuristic look will become a phenomenon that continues to entrance the fashion world today.

Velour Tops

According to The Guardian, William Shatner as Captain Kirk dons his trademark mustard-colored velour top, complete with gold detailing around the cuff and the accented black v-neck. Velour tops are a necessary element of early Star Trek fashion, and would eventually transcend into ’80s trends and futuristic styles.




Early Star Trek style emphasizes the ’70s trend of mini dresses and skirts. Here, Officer Uhura, played by Nichelle Nichols, dons her signature red minidress with a pleated skirt and black tights. The trend of the minidress has been utilized on the runway to emphasize long legs; in fact, Taylor Swift recently donned a futuristic, silver minidress at the 2016 Met Gala, an heiress of Uhura’s abstract and newfangled ensemble.

High Collars”>
In Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Persis Khambatta as Lieutenant Ilia sports high collared ensembles and wide-sleeved shirts, as well as headpieces that highlight her fully shaven head. Dramatic collars can be seen in all realms and styles of fashion today.


Geordi’s VISOR

From Star Trek: The Next Generation, Liutenant Geordi La Forge played by LeVar Burton is recognizable by his signature VISOR, which was made of solid cast aluminum and brass rods, according to Eyewear and eyepieces have become a signature characteristic of modern futuristic fashion.


Klingon Forehead Prosthetic

In Star Trek: The Next Generation, the Klingons were easily identified by their foreheads. The cranial ridges were created by making molds of the actors’ faces for the trademark Klingon headpiece. This would greatly influence the use of headpieces for modern futuristic fashion today.


Spandex Jumpsuits


In Star Trek: Voyager, Borg Seven of Nine played by Jeri Ryan is remembered by her silver, high-necked jumpsuit that melts almost seamlessly into heels, with flattering detailing around the chest and waist area. Jumpsuits have slowly morphed into a style that can be sophisticated, elegant, or everyday casual.