We spot a summer staple that will give you Jane Birkin vibes

We can't wait to wear this!

Courtesy of Personne ne Bouge - ARTE

From the Dolce & Gabbana runway to the style bloggers carrying this bag, this summer staple will be a throwback to those Jane Birkin days.

While I’m not keen on spending $2,000 on a basket purse, like this Dolce Bag, I scored a cute one from Marshall’s over the weekend that I just had to mention (similar one from eBags here).

There’s something so chic about this ’60s and ’70s trend that has summer written all over it. The straw or wicker material reminds me of having a picnic at an outdoor movie. And during the summer, as I’m out on a Los Angeles excursion, I like having a compact bag that only holds my essentials.

Popularized by style icon, Jane Birkin, the straw basket became her go-to accessory as a globetrotter.

The best part? You can find one to your liking anywhere, from Etsy to eBay, without hurting your wallet.

We love this vintage one from Etsy, for instance, for its structure and its ample size to fit a water bottle.

We’re also gravitating towards this Kate Spade one on eBay because of the pop of pink.

Because the wicker bag is so versatile, it can complement a casual outfit like jeans and tee or a maxi dress for those no-fuss summer evenings. To elevate an ordinary basket you pick up from the flea market, we suggest tying a square scarf around the handle to give it that Jane Birkin facelift.