Smart Beauty Products Begin Sales In 2017

The CES Innovation Awards 2017 celebrated the most innovative inventions in the tech field and for the first time smart beauty gained the spotlight.

‘Smart Beauty’ is now a thing thanks to the new development and research areas serving technologies from science that result in 2017 as high-end products serving costumers while collecting data that will provide great statistics for the development of new versions of each product and accompanying gadgets.

The beauty industry is aware that the main categories in which smart beauty could break through is hair and skincare, both macro segments and the first to have products with an actual audience response to buy and a price elegible also to consumers rather than only professionals and salons. These are the two that made headlines during the CES Innovation Awards 2017:

Kerastase Withings Hair Coach
Kérastase’s Hair Coach gives you an smart insight on your hair condition | Courtesy of ©Withings

Kérastase is bringing a ‘Hair Coach’ smart hairbrush.

With different sensors ready to provide an in-deep analysis of the quality of your hair, the new Hair Coach from the reputable french beauty label gives you information about your brushing patterns and advice regarding your capilar condition, breakage and health status. These are possible thanks to a series of mechanisms that have been used for a long time in basic gadgets such as mobile phones, a tablet or a laptop, but never in a hair brush: a microphone listens to the brushing, conductivity sensors provide a quick notation on wether your hair is dry or wet, and the popular accelerometer present also inside your smartphone allows you to know if you’re brushing way too hard. Betting into the fact that the easiest and best way to protect your hair during brushing is to simply let you know to take it easy on your scalp and correct your hair brushing habits.

For under $200, it will be available in the second quarter of the year and for sure there will be an sticker on the box stating it has won a CES Innovation Award.

HiMirror HiSkin Smart Beauty Mirror
HiMirror is a high-tech mirror, honoree of the CES Innovation Awards 2017 | Image courtesy of ©HiMirror

A skin diagnostic right in your bathroom mirror

With hair being taken care, skin was no exception; the leading product on the matter was HiMirror with its accompanying HiSkin device, also named an honoree of the CES 2017 Innovation Awards, in the Smart Home category of products, a touch-free design reunites full data of the complexion, damage, pores and wrinkles. For us, it sounds like a daily torture reminding you what’s wrong on what it may look right, but thinking of its diagnose power, it could become a tool for dermatologists, beauty experts and cosmetologists to quickly know how to help your skin, wether with their professional knowledge or the mirror recommendations on products and techniques, this gadget could be even cheaper than the Kérastase brush, with an $189 price for the basic model.

If engineering and electronic partnerships with beauty brands continue the trend, served by existing and new tech developments, Smart Beauty seems to arrive as a solid area of consumption in the market in which the audience’s preference will decide for the gadgets to succeed and possibly create a new range of products; judging by these two award-winning systems, both functional, professional and practical to use, the decisive element will be the consumer’s will to pay the price for traditional beauty tools turned high-end smart articles.