‘Shark Tank’ start up Her Fashion Box accused of poor customer service

Her Fashion Box
Her Fashion Box product.

Sydney, Australia fashion start-up Her Fashion Box has come under fire for poor customer service and overcharging patrons. This comes less than a year after its successful appearance on Shark Tank.

The company appeared on second season of Shark Tank. Entrepreneurs Janine Allis and Andrew Banks invested $200,000 in the business for 16 percent joint equity. Nine months later, a story on the news program A Current Affair revealed allegations that there were delays in product delivery. Additionally, Her Fashion Box was continuing to charge patrons the monthly $39.95 fee even after they cancelled their subscriptions.

According to Smart Company, patrons have gone to the brand’s Facebook page to air their concerns. Many of the negative comments have been deleted, but a few have remained.

Her Fashion Box has insisted that it wants to be honest with consumers. Founder Kath Purkis defended her company on the A Current Affair segment and said that she wanted to be “transparent and set the record straight.”

“We would always refund people straight away if there was any dispute or if they didn’t want a box,” she asserted.

You can see the rest of the segment on A Current Affair, here: