Scratch Monthly Mani Kit subscription March unboxing review

Scratch Monthly Mani Kit

The Scratch Monthly Mani Kit is a package of nail supplies that’s delivered to your door every month. You get to choose one of three sets of offered nail wraps and with them, you’ll receive mystery nail art goodies such as polishes, charms and tools. The club is affordable at $10 plus $2.95 shipping and we’ll make it even more worth your while today with 50% off your first kit.

As you can see from the top of this article, the supplies were shipped in a gold bubble mailer. It really stands out against your bills and makes you anticipate the fun inside. Better yet, it keeps all your nail tools safe from harm.

Here’s what was inside my March package:

First off, I got my package of nail wraps. I chose the flowered pattern, called Bloom, over two others. I put them on the same day I received them. They’re easy to apply and after finishing them off with a clear topcoat, I haven’t had any issues with chipping. They’re nice quality, so I think they’ll last a while.


Next in the package was a bottle of decorative polish and an art brush. The polish has a thin brush inside, ideal for art rather than a full nail covering. It’s a very pretty silver color that I can see myself using in the future. The separate brush in the kit is narrow and will be good for getting into smaller spaces when creating embellishments.


Any woman who buys nail wraps knows these can cost you $10-12 on their own. To get them plus the other goodies for an inclusive price is very nice indeed. To make it nicer, Scratch is offering 50% off the first kit to new subscribers using the code THANKU.

If one set of wraps per cycle isn’t enough for you, they have other subscription boxes available. Just take a peek around the website. No matter what you pick, this is a fun way to keep your nails beautiful every month and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal on nail materials elsewhere.