Sarah Jessica Parker launches jewelry collection

Flawless Diamonds by SJP

Carrie Bradshaw would be thrilled with her real-life counterpart Sarah Jessica Parker.

The actress launched a jewelry collection with London boutique Kat Florence. The Flawless Diamond Collection features rare D-grade diamonds. D-grade is the highest classification a diamond can receive.

“The Flawless Diamonds Collection feels special when you wear it because every piece is so important to her. Kat is a woman doing this her own way and you feel lucky and privileged to be wearing her jewelry,” Parker told Harper’s Bazaar UK.

SJP will model and design the jewelry, which comes in four different styles: heritage, symmetry, opulence and Pave Hews.

As we reported, earlier this year, Parker launched her LBD line of little black dresses, which was released to the public in October.

The Flawless Diamonds Collection release 10-15 pieces for added exclusivity and start at £1,300 (about $1,586).