Milan’s New Ambition: Santoni edited by Marco Zanini

Santoni edited by Marco Zanini
Zanini poses with current Santoni CEO, Giuseppe Santoni | Courtesy of ©Santoni, press GB.

Santoni edited by Marco Zanini: the two Italian design brands emerge together as Milan Fashion Week’s latest ambition.

Italians don’t say “ciao” (hello), but rather “Pronto” – ready, as in “ready to speak” but in this case, also ready to design, as Italian luxury brand Santoni has teamed with celebrated fashion designer Marco Zanini to develop his vision and unique style into an original collaboration. “This is a micro-collection; explained Zanini. “It is not a total look line.”, starting with jackets to knitwear shoes and accessories, it is routed that his vision may even encompass furniture. This is all new however, as this would be the first time that Santoni will offer a range of apparel and the only clue we have, is that it will be idiosyncratic.

Giuseppe Santoni CEO, the son of the founder, elaborates, the collection “consists in a series of items aimed at an audience of connoisseurs. In regards to Zanini “we share the same aesthetic codes and a passion for everything that oozes quality, culture and modernity”.

Zanini in tern also seems excited, this union was not a coincidence. “Integrity is the distinctive Santoni trait,” Zanini said in a statement. “Their attention for the longevity of good product matches the widely-felt need for fashion that’s less superficial and volatile. We are witnessing a distracting multiplication of products, which triggers in me the opposite reaction. Tradition involves knowledge, but also calls for slowness and attention.

Vanguard and stylist, is a Zanini he have known, but this protector of fashion ideals puts quite some pressure and interest on this joint venture. The symbiotic relationship of two contemporary fashion icons kicks off nest February, and pronto is not soon enough, as we wait for it to be unveiled as Milan Fashion Week’s new must-have.

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