The revival of the bandana trend inspired by this icon

See how gals are rocking the trend today!

We're embodying Rosie with this bandana trend.
Courtesy of Cute Girls Hairstyles

While we’ve seen the bandana trend come and go in the last decade, it was only a matter of time before it returned.

This time it isn’t so much a stereotypical Coachella fad but a powerful ode to Rosie the Riveter, the icon representative of the working woman.

Donning a bandana topknot, Rosie wore her denim blue cuffed top with her signature red polka dot bandana tied as a hairband. On the 1943 poster, Rosie flexed her bicep as she looked fiercely at her audience.

From Sanskrit influences to Persian origins, the bandana meant “cotton handkerchiefs.” As for the popularity of the paisley red color, it’s specifically called “Turkey red.”

Today’s modern Rosie has evolved with the equally traditional paisley design. 

In case you didn't know ???? I'm Taylor ????

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We saw Taylor Hill outside of Catch LA with a top knot bandana. Dressed in head to toe black, the model looked effortlessly stylish with that pop of red from the bandana.

The hair accessory also cropped up way in spring 2014 when singer songwriter Pia Mia sported the paisley knotted bandana at the Divergent premiere. Although, we would like to credit the singer for leading the trend and making it part of her look for awhile now.

Nonetheless, the practical bandana is meant to keep those hair strands off your face. Like Taylor’s look, the casual topknot is the newest way to style the accessory, because once our hair is up, we mean business.

We’re sure fast fashion retailers, like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters, have already capitalized on this trend, but we’re sure you can find a more inexpensive version over at Etsy.