Review: Sephora’s top-selling Bum Bum Cream is no surprise

Would you pick up this cream for your behind?

I first picked up Sol De Janiero’s Brazilian Bum Bum Cream at Sephora over the summer, not in hopes of the obvious promises.

I gravitated towards the product for its cute round yellow packaging, and I had seen a beauty guru talk about the incredible scent it reminded her of when taking a vacation, so I hopped on the bandwagon.

Now, reports are stating that it’s the top-selling body product at Sephora.

The reason for the cream appealing to customers?

“The Sephora team said that we were making history in bodycare, and it’s amazing to have that kind of response,” co-founder Heela Yang said. “I think it’s the combination of what we stand for, the product we stand by, and we have an amazing chemist we work with.”

In addition to having coconut oil, the Bum Bum Cream contains guaraná extract, which helps with firming your skin by harnessing caffeine for circulation of your skin. It’s supposed to have five times more caffeine than your coffee. We’re not sure how that data is measured, but let’s go with it.

The Bum Bum cream comes in the most compact packaging.
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If you’re seeking that glowy glute, more like J.Lo’s and less like Jergens gone wrong, the cream also contains mica for that effect.

As for the scent, it’s a pistachio caramel fragrance that will have you eager to open that jar every night.

While the name of the product itself suggests usage for the butt, it’s actually meant for all over your body, like your tummy, legs and arms. The directions suggest massaging the cream in a circular motion for better absorption.

Now, is it worth jumping on the bandwagon? We suggest treating this creamy stuff, like a vacation. Go sparingly with the 2.5 ounce $20 version first before grabbing the 8.1 ounce jar for $45.

The Brazilian Bum Bum Cream does not work miracles, as it shouldn’t, but we love the holistic approach it gives for that confident tush.

With the success of the Bum Bum Cream, Sol de Janeiro has released the Samba 2-Step Foot Fetish Care kit ($27) and Brazilian 4Play Shower Gel ($25). We’re eager to try both for those summer withdrawals we’re having.

You can find the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream at Sephora now, along with the other Janeiro Body Care products.