Reebok to launch ‘bio-based’ shoe line

Reebok logo

Reebok is taking sustainability to the next level with its Cotton + Corn collection that will soon launch. The shoe will replace materials such as petroleum with “things that grow.”

The plant based lifestyle shoe is organic cotton mesh or canvas with a sole made from corn kernel starches. Bill McInnis, the head of Reebok Future says, “This is really just the first step for us,” indicating that the brand hopes to expand this innovation into running and training shoes.

In addition, the shoe is designed to be composted after use with the compost being used to make the next round of shoes.  McInnis said, “We want to take the entire cycle into account; to go from dust to dust.”

The Street reports that the first style available will look similar to the Reebok Classic and will be sold exclusively at Reebok stores and