Ray-Ban debuts new Clubround sunglasses exclusively through its online store

Ray Ban logo

Ray-Ban re-introduced its Clubmaster style over the past decade and more recently, rounded frames came into popularity. So, it only seems logical to make yet another hybrid frame, the Clubround.

Reported by Highsnobiety, Ray-Ban got inspired by the demand for its Clubmaster silhouette. Yet, as consumers seem to prefer more rounded lenses, the brand decided to create an updated version.

Now, based upon the listing on Ray-Ban’s website, the brand developed the style using a phantos sun shape. Like standard Clubmasters, these feature an acetate and metal design with a choice of classic and contemporary mirrored lenses. Because of their newness, the Clubround doesn’t come with the same range of colors as the Clubmaster. Right now, you have a choice of black or tortoise.

The Clubmaster itself debuted in the 1980s, inspired by intellectuals and bohemians. The style, similar to Ray-Ban’s wayfarer, offers a hybrid frame combining an angular top and rounded bottom. The Clubmaster, on the other hand, is a half-frame style, while the wayfarer’s frame extends around the lenses.

For those looking to stay ahead, the Clubround is available for pre-ordering through Ray-Ban’s online store. Already, the new design’s getting some buzz, as evidenced by a few shots from Instagram: