Rachel McAdams’ Hairstyle Evolution

From Regina blonde to a dramatic bob, Rachel has gone through numerous styles.

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There are so many iconic Rachel McAdams character moments from her unrecognizable titular character in Mean Girls to her beloved role in The Notebook.

Every character she portrays shows the actress is a true chameleon, particularly with her hair. From straightened blonde tresses to auburn curls, her hair has been integral to her character.

As the Canadian actress turns 38 on Nov. 17, we thought we would look back on her hair evolution.

Rachel went for wispy bangs during her Morning Glory days and embraced her brunette locks while filming The Time Traveler’s Wife.

In the recent years, she has gone for an ombre wash for True Detective, but lately she’s going for an ashy blond style, following the premiere of Doctor Strange.

Offscreen, the leading lady has even sported pink tips before everyone jumped on board with dying every pastel color possible.

Read on to see Rachel’s hair changes throughout the years and decide on which one is your favorite!

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