Bitter Lace Beauty Prism rainbow highlighter restock sells out in hours

Bitter Lace Beauty, rainbow highlighter
Credit: Bitter Lace Beauty

UPDATE: PRISM was re-released on April 29 but sold out the same day. Bitter Lace Beauty is working on a new restock.

Prism is a handmade, gorgeous, rainbow highlighter from Etsy shop Bitter Lace Beauty.

When the internet got word of this shimmery magical looking beauty product, it sold out instantly. Jenna Georgescu, founder of Bitter Lace Beauty, took to the company’s Instagram account to reassure buyers that the product will be back in stock at noon on April 29.

Are you guys ready for today? We are preparing for the release! Who is going to snag one?

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She also reminded fans that the rainbow highlighter is handmade and limited quantities are available.

Prism Illuminating Rainbow Highlighter can be bought at for $22.00.