Pittsburgh Steelers color rush uniforms may have been leaked

Steelers Logo

The Pittsburgh Steelers may have had their 2016 color rush uniform leaked recently on Twitter.

The NFL announced that all teams that play on Thursday night this year will wear the new Nike “Color Rush” uniforms. A recent tweet by NFL Leaks shows a picture with the potential color of the teams color rush jerseys.

The top of the pic has a line that says “All designs subject to change – same color matchups will result in color change for one club,” and shows that the Steelers would wear gold jerseys, according to behindthesteelcurtain.com.

Each team is able to choose the color for their jersey.

The Steeler color rush game is on Thanksgiving against the Indianapolis Colts. If the Steelers don’t use gold, then they would wear a black jersey, depending on what color the Colts choose.