We’re picking up OPI’s ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ nail sets!

Time to sing "Moon River" and paint your nails!

In honor of the 55th anniversary of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, OPI has released not just one nail polish set, but six sets plus a lotion collection.

The iconic film, starring Audrey Hepburn, has always garnered attention for the character’s chic style. As Holly Golightly, Hepburn showcased a grace that many fashionistas admired.

With so many fans owning Holly Golightly posters, decked out on their dorm room walls, it was only fitting that OPI dedicate such an extensive collection to the movie.

Known for its fun nail color names, OPI created 11 shades in celebration of the movie.

Some of the names that allude to the film include “Got the Mean Reds” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

Each nail polish costs $10, but Ulta will carry the ultimate holiday sets. There’s the 10-piece set ($28.95), which includes only classic OPI shades. There’s the 25-piece set ($49.95), which also consists of the film-inspired shades.

For those into maintaining and strengthening their nails, the 4-piece treatment set ($16.95), might be up your alley to make your manicure longer-lasting.

For the manicure enthusiast interested in gel polishes, the 3-piece infinite shine set ($27.50) goes above and beyond with the “I Believe in Manicures” shade for that extra shiny robins egg shade in a gel finish.

If you just want the limited-edition shades, look no further than the 4-piece mini set ($14.50) that includes the burgundy color, “Rich and Brazilian.”

The 2-piece set ($17.95) has the nail polishes inspired by the movie, as well as a cosmetic bag with “I Believe in Manicures” on it.

Lastly, the Avojuice 6-piece lotion set ($11.95) will keep you moisturized throughout the week with vanilla lavender and sweet lemon sage scents.

You can purchase your Breakfast at Tiffany’s polish of choice at Ulta stores or online now.